Pioneering the Next Generation of Wind Energy

Mitchell Wind Energy LLC (Mitchell Wind Energy) is conducting wind resource testing to understand the feasibility of a wind energy project within Chaves and Eddy Counties, New Mexico. Mitchell Wind Energy is committed to developing clean energy responsibly, yielding long-term value and positive impact for both local communities and the environment.

Wind Measurement Testing Campaign

Mitchell Wind Energy is conducting wind resource testing with meteorological (MET) towers and ground-based Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) units. The testing activities have been approved by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as part of a Type 2 Wind Measurement and Testing Grant, which allows for testing activities including natural resource surveys and wind resource testing. Mitchell Wind Energy has installed two MET towers and plans to install LIDAR units and additional MET towers in the future. 

Each MET tower, made of galvanized steel tubing painted red and white for visibility, is 198 feet (60 meters) tall and is secured into place using guy wires. Both the towers and guy wires are marked with bird diverters and visibility balls. The guy wires are secured using ground anchors that are buried to a depth of approximately 3 to 5 feet. Because of this, no foundations were required. The area around the towers and guy wires are fenced, and the towers themselves are painted to increase visibility to air traffic.

LIDAR units are ground-based and are located on the ground or temporary mobile trailers. LIDAR units and/or trailers occupy approximately 100 square feet of land with anchors used to secure equipment for security and severe weather events. Like the MET towers, LIDAR setups will also be fenced to prevent livestock and wildlife interaction. Up to four LIDAR units will be used for the Project and will be relocated as needed. The LIDAR does not require a grid connection as it will be powered using solar panels and a battery.

Siting Considerations

The MET towers have been sited to avoid impacts to the environment and other sensitive resources, and biological and cultural resource studies were completed to ensure minimal impact of the wind testing towers. The installation will be temporary and all equipment will be removed and the ground will be restored to its natural condition once relevant data has been collected.

Next Steps

After 12-18 months of testing, if the wind resource is determined to be suitable, Mitchell Wind Energy will apply for a wind development ROW grant from BLM to develop a wind energy generation project.

Should the wind development ROW grant be approved, the project will be developed in such a way that it meets or exceeds federal, state, and local environmental standards and Mitchell Wind Energy will work in close collaboration with BLM, Tribal Nations, local and state governments, in addition to other community stakeholders. The wind project will generate low-cost and emissions-free power for ratepayers while also helping New Mexico achieve its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030.

Mitchell Wind Energy Project Location

Mitchell Wind Timeline

Q1 2024

Receipt of Wind Measurement and Testing Right-of-Way (ROW) Grant from BLM

Q1 2024
Q2 2024

MET Towers Installed

Q2 2024

Conduct Wind Measurement Testing and Natural Resource Surveys*


*Decision on BLM Wind Development Application to be made 12-18 months after wind resource testing campaign commenced

BLM Review Process

BLM is authorized to evaluate ROW grants under Title V of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976. Land administration actions, such as the issuance of ROW grants, must be reviewed under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements, which outline procedures for evaluating potential environmental, social, and economic impacts associated with a project or project-related federal action.

As part of the NEPA review, BLM will evaluate potential impacts to the environment (i.e., air quality, water quality, soil stability, and biological resources), cultural and tribal resources, and health and safety, as well as proximity to noise receptors and low income or minority populations.

For more information about NEPA and development on BLM administered land, please visit

About Mitchell Wind Energy

Mitchell Wind Energy is proposing to study wind resources and conduct natural resource studies to determine the feasibility of developing an onshore wind energy generation project. Using the most advanced onshore wind technology and installation techniques, we aim to minimize impacts to the environment while lowering the cost of clean energy to maximize value for ratepayers.